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Got there at 830, got in a bit afta 9. Waited atleast an hour at main reloading vendor present. By the time I paid the wait musta been 2hrs for his table.

Overheard the vendor discussing the apparant projectile Shortage with someone he evidently knows well. They were discussing that there is Only US made jacketed projectiles on the market at this time, and The Europeans make more JPs than the US, but US Customs has held up 2 Large Shippments that have been at Our Ports for a Month. Found that to be Interesting!! Heard it first hand but naturally wouldnt swear to it, but if Anyone would Know Id think it would be him.

Another Note, bet there were More ppl there than in Albany on the 12th. When i left at like 1030 the line was Still as long as 830. My Buddy a True Patriot went home and made up 2000 flyers tonight for the 28th Rally and will be driving an hour each way tomm to pass them out to ppl on line.

Say Hi to Bobby O from Ulster Cty, if he gives you a flyer tomm!!

We Need bodies for the 28th. We Need more people like Bob to Rally Our State of Free Men..........Talk it up!! Get whoever you can and see you on the 28th.. Well the 19th in Ulster than the 28th in Albany..
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