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Here I have a matching pair of absolutely gorgeous trunks from an ANC Army Nurse who served in WW2. Her name was Cecilia Mulcahey. She was from Rutland VT. These were her 2 trunks. She was a 2nd Leitenant during the war. One is her main trunk that traveled with her throughout the war and the other is a solid wood trunk that also traveled with her and was used as a mail-home. Both boxes are covered in amazing markings/stamps/paper labels. Her main Army Green trunk is beautifully hand painted with her name/rank/serial/address. It is also painted in various places wither her name, number, etc. There is also the remnants of some paper labeling on the box. This trunk has the original tray insert and BOTH original keys! (the lock works perfectly). One leather handle is mostly missing. The other is there, but not in tact. The patina on this box is just amazing. You can see some bright blue paint coming through in some spots (probably what it was painted before she painted it to go to the war) The metal stamp on the top of the trunk says "Holden Trunk and Bag Co. Inc. Petersburg, VA". It is dated 1924.

The all wooden trunk is stamped/stenciled in many different places with her name, number, "US ARMY", etc. There is also an original US Customs paper stamp on the top. The top, back, and both sides have stenciled names/numbers. Her home address is also handwritten on the top and the front. It has a typical clasp lock that you can lock with a padlock. It also includes its original wood tray! Once again, amazing patina on this box.

Both boxes are in 100% original condition and have so much history, especially being from a nurse! WW2 nurses boxes like this are incredibly rare. Unfortunately I have some unforeseen expenses and need to sell these. They would look amazing anywhere in your house! They show regular wear and tear for War-used boxes..but nothing serious. Some rust, chips, and a few cracks..just general wear from use

I got these a while back from a friend who bought them directly from her family. As far as I know, she served throughout the war and saw action in Europe. Can't find much information on her though. I'm sure you could do some more extensive research.

$700 for the pair. I will not split up.

LOCAL PICK UP: I will meet within a one hour radius of Albany NY or within a one hour radius of Plattsburgh NY.
Shipping: I might consider shipping, but it is going to be expensive. Email me if you want to try and work something out.

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