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This one has me confused , can not find much information on what happened or what the arrest was based on, the way it reads sounds like he was arrested for threatening his neighbor with a bullet,,,,

Guess you have watch out for those assault bullet's when in CT , they can get you in trouble.

No follow up info found, anybody hear about this one.

Man arrested for possession of an assault weapon

Posted on August 4, 2014 | By Skyler Magnoli

Danbury Police officers responded to a disturbance Sunday afternoon on Beaverbrook Road.
Frank Joo, of Danbury, was arrested for threatening one of his neighbors. After speaking with witnesses, police said as a neighbor was working on a car on their driveway, the car slipped out of gear and rolled on to a curb in the complex.
According to witnesses, Joo came out of his apartment threatened his neighbor and waving a large bullet at her. Joo was charged with possession of an assault weapon, breach of peace and threatening.
Joo was released on $150,000 bond and is due in court on August 13.

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This one of the worst written articles I have seen in a long time!

There is nothing in the story of value.

My guess is that the Police showed up to investigate this huge crime and Joo allowed them to search his residents. I don't even think the charge of breach of peace and threatening is warranted from this story!
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