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Magazine restore

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I got a little bored and thought about cleaning, repairing, and repainting some on my AR-15 prebans. After just painting one of my mags, I ran out of paint. So i figured I would try something a little different. I've been doing custom paint jobs for cars for a while, so why not on a mag. Now I've never heard of anyone doing this, so why not try it out... "Powder Coating Magazines" I've done them for all sorts of parts, and they have always seemed to stand up to wear & tear. So hear we go...

Started out with these. Some needed dents repaired, fixed a few cracks, and a little spring cleaning.
Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Auto part Automotive lighting

After fixing, I ended up just scrubbing with an S.O.S. pad.
Rectangle Gas Wood Composite material Metal

Applied the powder, put in kiln, baked around 400 degrees F for about 15 minutes. After the cooled, i replaced the followers
This is the test batch. they turned out with a very nice finish.
Brown Bag Luggage and bags Material property Wood

As for how well they hold up at the range or in combat? The closest thing I could come up with is, letting my Great Dane play fetch with one. I few minor dings (almost unseen) and that was it. Now only 180 more to refinish. Going to be a long night.
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Nice looking mags...! I just did some,but I used a product called Perma-Slik,it is a self lubricating epoxy based coating......It is expensive,I paid $23.00 shipped for one 12oz can,but it is tough as nails and gives the mags about as close to a factory new gray finish as i have ever seen.....Nice weekend project.....:)
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