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Made it to the range today

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Finally got to take some guns I bought over the winter shooting today.Took my DPMS 308/Ruger SR556 6.8/338 Lapua/Spikes 556 and a PSA 556.The Ruger and the Lapua were the show stoppers today.They both have nice scopes/mounts and dialed right in.The others have basic scopes and need upgrading,the DPMS with a Simmons would not even sight in due to running out of adjustment.And the Dot scope was not to my liking at all,its got to go!

All the guns shot flawless and the Lapua is top dog of my collection IMO with the Ruger a close second.I was using the XM193 for the 556's,which I will be buying alot more of.The 6.8 was using Hornady 120 GR SST's and will be sticking with them for this dual-sport gun.The Lapua will be decimating some deer this year with 250 GR Hornady,s,and the 308 will be just sticking to stock Remington 150 Gr.I really learned alot today as these are my first AR,s and big bore Magnum!Now just gotta start saving/buying higher end scopes/mounts for the rest,no DOTS...

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Thanks for the compliments guys,I bought 4 of the 5 rifles here off of members!Thats why I love this site,way better than any store IMO.I am going to go with the Burris PEPR mount for the 308 like I got on the Ruger,just not sure if I want the QD this time.Not sure what the advantages/disadvantages are,if they sit higher or even go back to zero after removal?

Also think im going with a Leupold VX I to save me $70-$80 from the $300 VX ll which I have on the Lapua and really like.The Ruger 6.8 shot so well I think im even going to scope out my recently bought SR in 556 caliber the same way,I was going to leave it open sight.Might go with a 2x7 for that though,but its 33 MM which I never owned.

So many plans I might have to hit the for-sale market place here LOL!Because I know a gun is only as good as its accessories,and you get what you pay for.
You best be practicing a **** ton more this summer if you're currently only capable of hitting one in ten...
Im almost as good at hunting as I am fishing,did I mention im the best fisherman in my area and the bucks are huge here!A BIG gun is needed...

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What range is that?
Sayre Sportsman Club in Sayre PA,Theres another club/range about a 2 miles from my house in NY state (Waverly) but it isnt as nice.I just joined this one last week for $50 a year,well worth it IMO!
How long is the rifle range?
Its only 100 yards,do not know of any with more yardage in this area.

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I dunno if I'm missing something, but you were running out of adjustment when sighting in at 100yds? Perhaps needs lower rings or shims for the base?

Nice guns either way!
That scope is gone for the DPMS 308,just ordered a Leupold VXl for it with a PEPR mount from Midway.Great deal with free shipping and $30 off with the Slick Guns code!

Forgetted to ax:

Do you plan on reloading the 338, or are you independantly wealthy enough to keep yourself in NIB cartridges every time?

Random note regarding same:
The two I've seen were AR platform types.
Neither would cycle properly, so had to be hand charged every time.
Good choice on the bolt version IMO

They do make a unique sound though, don't they :)

AFA the fish and stuff hanging on the wall?
*meh* you wanna impress me, stalk, kill and stuff a jackalope a hummingquale and a naugha.
In the unlikely event you manage a couple wild naughas, a hat would actually be a more appropriate preserve/display item
(domestic versions would allow for up to a vest of course)

What rail panels/covers are you using on the Ruger and Palmetto?
Not sure about the sound of the Lapua I/we had ear plugs in,but I did hear/feel a slight twang/vibration through the stock after the shot though.And fortunately this is mainly going to be my hunting rifle,so a box or 2 of factory ammo a year wont be to costly IMO.Well worth that price if it gets me that big buck that other-wise the bullet might bounce off/wound with smaller calibers,remember the buck are real big here!

Every gun in pics has stock rails,so what ever you see is what it had from factory.
Not the rails, but the covers on the rails.
Thats the Ruger 6.8 and the DPMS 308 thats got rail covers,the Ruger is stock covers that say Ruger on them and the other one I bought at the local gun shop.They were $20 and do not remember the name so not much help for you.They just slide on over the rail and push down the tabs to stop them,but can be adjusted.
Back at the range today with new sights!THE 308 DPMS scope/mounts that was giving me trouble is now replaced with a PEPR mount and a new Leupold VXI 3X9 scope.All I can say is WOW,this gun dialed right in and is dead nuts at 100 yards!Really like the 308 calibers and want to get/try an Armalite AR10 for my next purchase,I keep waiting patiently for one to pop up here on the classifieds...

The PSA got a face lift from its cheap Center-point scope to a Troy flip-up rear sight.I feel there is no sense going cheaply with optics so might as well go open sights.Great for close range and combat spray and pray,while I will have 3 AR's fully outfitted with higher end optics for a lil more precision/longer range head shots on zombies...

Still got a carry handle coming this week to replace my cheap dot scope on my Spikes and a PEPR mount with a Tac 30 scope for my recently "purchased here" Ruger SR556 in 556 caliber.Should have all my guns set and ready for hunting/Apocolypse or any kind of SHTF situation soon!Seems like buying the gun is the easy part LOL...


308 DPMS

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So it is on backwards right now?If so thanks I will fix it...
Thanks Tifosi will flip it and move back a lil more,glad I posted a pic of it now...This site is very helpful!
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