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Looking for a Two-Point Sling Setup with Rapid Adjust Thumb Loop & Mounting Hardware

Hey Everyone! I got a tough question for you to think about!

I subscribe to Nutnfancy's channel on YouTube, and watch all of his videos. Over the last two years he featured a Two-Point Sling that had a Quick Adjustable Thumb Loop. He demonstrated how fast it was to move it from full loose to full tight. It really helped to tighten the rifle his body when shooting at longer ranges from a barricade. It allowed him to get more hits on steel at further distances.

I believe there are a few different manafacturers slings that have a feature like this. I'm specifically looking for two things. One is the sling itself, and the 2nd is a way to mount it onto my F&H FNAR.

My FNAR has a Harris Bi-Pod on it, with a sling stud on the rear end of the Bi-Pod. It also has a section of Rail on the front on the left and right sides (the bottom rail is all covered up by the bi-pod). The rear of the rifle has a sling swivel stud at the bottom rear of the stock.

I want to be able to have the rifle hang comfortably on my front side, without flopping over and hanging upside down. Also this rifle/scope/bi-pod combination is a heavy 13 pound system, so the strap needs to be high quality and STURDY! I don't want the strap or mounting hardware to fail and scratch my expensive firearm all up.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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