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Looking for a Full-Time Graphic Designer. Job duties would include working on custom vinyl graphic orders, designing new stickers for ihatestickers, prepping artwork for our B2B customers (, as well as helping the rest of the guys fulfill daily ihatestickers orders. Pay is negotiable, based on experience, and can range from $9 - $12+. 40hrs/wk are available as hourly, or depending on the person, salary may be an option as well. If interested, or if you know someone, let me know or have them email us at info_AT_technoticmedia_DOT_com.

Benefits such as paid vacation is available once vested, and there are many other perks when working for us. We have a great team-oriented, laid-back atmosphere, but we all work hard to get the job done.

Resumes are preferred but not absolutely necessary. There will be an application process and we'll make a collective decision as a team.

Thanks and please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested!
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