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Won't have any cash for at least 3 weeks to a month so this is a multi-purpose thread.

I'm "WTB" so if you have one and you are thinking that you'd like to part with it, PM me with a make/model, all included items (box, papers, mags, etc), some pictures (or links to them - or I can give you e-mail address) & your lowest price - I love to barter, but I don't like to haggle, and I do have spare time, so if you'd prefer a trade of some sort as opposed to cash, let me know because I can always attempt to track down what you are looking for and get it and then trade it to you.

If you have either of these guns and wouldn't mind meeting the g/f & I at a range you go to (or I can provide private land owned shooting area where I have permission to go whenever I want) so we can check them out / shoot them, that would be awesome as she's not sure which one she really wants... Further, if you do have one AND want to sell it, her shooting it would prolly more likely "complete the sale" if you will.

It's such a toss up right now because on the one hand, the Beretta means we don't have to have more than one type of ammo in the house, while on the other, it's "law" that everyone has a 1911 at least once in their life, right? LOL Seriously though, she shot a 1911 a couple years ago and not only loved it, but shot it very well so she's pretty torn.

We are willing to meet anywhere in Monroe County or Wayne county on the "west side" -- more towards Monroe side and not past Syracuse -- to shoot and/or buy when I have cash in hand.

Sale would be preferred in Monroe county, but if the gun is available and the price is right, I would be willing to pay shipping & FFL fees.

Lastly, if you don't own either of these, but know of a person or store that does have them, please let me know as well. I'm not looking to buy new right now, I'd prefer used, but I'm not opposed to anything that is linked

1. I'm looking for a Taurus PT1911
2. I'm looking for a Beretta 92fs

1a - Does this come in any variants, or just the standard chrome/silver color?
1b - Is there anything special about this gun that differs from other 1911s? Obviously this is a cheaper model than others, but that doesn't mean it won't do what it needs to do (main purpose is just going to be target/range shooting)
1c - what is a fair price for a used one?

2a - I know this comes in a bunch of variants - does anyone know what they are named & what makes them different?
2b - Anything special about these guns that I should be aware of? Don't remember where I read it, but in my head I have this tid bit of knowledge that says that I need to buy an Italian Beretta, not the one made in Minnesota ... any truth to that?
2c - what is a fair price for a used one?

Apologies for the long post & thanks in advance for the replies
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