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In todays world where the criminal is better trained and more determined than ever before, one must be skilled both physical and mentally to face these new challenges and go home at the end of each day.

In the real world, the first two to three seconds of an attack is the most crucial, and the most dangerous. You must be able to immediately fight back with enough force and effectiveness to either get away or stop the attacker. If you carry a weapon, whether it's an edged weapon or firearm, you must be able to get to it, to use it. Once you get it, you must know how to use it effectively.

At LMI, you will learn the skills to rapidly, aggressively and effectively stop an attacker, whether it is with your bare hands, an edged weapon, firearm or even a small household item. Defensive skills are what will help you win a lethal attack. Learning these skills is the primary objective at LMI.

LMI is based in Pittsford, NY, just 20 minutes south of Rochester, NY. We offer training in:

Close Quarter Combat
Defensive Knife
Close Quarter Gunfighting
Tactical Pistol
Tactical Shotgun
Tactical Rifle
Womens Self Defense

LMI rarely holds 'Scheduled' courses. Instead, we work with the student to find a time that works best for him/her. Fiream's and CQC/Defensive Knife training is held on Monday and Tuesdays. CQC, Defensive Knife, and Women's Defensive training can also be scheduled during the weekends and evening hours to better accommodate the student.

LMI schedules courses all year round, to include the winter months. This offers the student a more realistic training environment.

Current Scheduled Course:
Tactical Rifle on Monday, July 28th:
Tactical Shotgun on Monday, August 11th:
Tactical Rifle on Monday, August 25th:

Please visit LMI at to learn more about LMI and what LMI can do for you.

Train hard and Be Safe,

Ron Lauinger

*** ALL Law Enforcement and Government personnel get a (15%) discount on all training courses at LMI. ***

*** All groups of 3 or more get 25% discount off each student. ***

*** LMI will travel to your range or facility to offer you their courses. Please contact us for details. ***
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