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I took a quick look but didn't find a thread on this. Is there one where we can add places that are prematurely refusing to ship ammo to New York State?

My most reliable source in these trying times just dried up, having sent me an email that says that due to recent changes in the laws they will no longer deal with me. Now, we all know that nonsense doesn't become effective till January, but apparently some dealers are, forgive the pun, jumping the gun, and cutting us all off early.

To that list you can now add Surplus Ammo and Woodbury Outfitters. Sigh.

Sent them an email linking to the SAFE FAQ page and hoping they will change their minds, but as of now, they are no go. (Surplus Ammo came back after my email and essentially said even tho they can, they won't. Still waiting on Woodbury.)

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