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Nothing to do with Obama. He is part of the Executive branch of Gov't. The focus is on the JUDICIAL branch which is where NY's overzealous gun restriction laws MUST be presented for review and aggressively fought. Obama can't repeal squat enacted by the individual States, he has no power to do so.

The bill undoubtedly calls into question the violation of civil liberties granted to us by the Constitution. However, as the leftist NY State legislation sees it (and partly because the Supreme Court left the door open for restriction of 2A liberties), 2A allows for restriction and the regulation of firearms ownership, and laws can be enacted at the both the Federal and State level to enact restrictions. However, that's when we look to SCOTUS cases such as Heller and McDonald. In the DC v. Heller decision the Supreme Court ruled that the State cannot deny its citizens the right to own or possess handguns. The Heller decision is important because it includes a "common use" clause that basically states if a firearm is commonly owned it cannot be treated as "unusual" and banned. I am over-simplifying of course but I do believe the Heller decision puts MANY provisions of the NY SAFE act into question, specifically the 7-round magazine limit (Heller contradicts mag limits and bans) and the outright ban on anyone else owning an AR-15 (for people who don't already own one). 10 round mags and AR-15's are among the most common items owned by gun owners in NYS and the US as a whole.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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