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This is what our Democratic legislators have been up to during their summer vacation:

S7828 Title: Prohibits the sale or purchase of more than 500 rounds of ammunition during any period of 30 days
S7829 Title: Requires a national instant criminal background check to be conducted on each individual who purchases ammunition
S7834 Title: Prohibits the purchase of more than 1 firearm during any period of 30 days
S7835 Title: Establishes a 10 day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm
S7836 Title: Provides for universal background checks for the sale of firearms
S7837 Title: Regulates firearms and ammunition dealers

Note that the term "firearm" as used in these proposals means pistols and revolvers, not long guns.

While none of these bills will be acted upon even if the legislature does come back, it gives you a good flavor of what we will be facing in the new session.

I hope every NY Gun Owner on this forum plans to vote in November.
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