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I always put it down to me not needing to see my trader rating as a below avatar stat and had always presumed everyone else could see it regardless which is more important anyway IMO.
Well that and I'm unlikely to ever do and online transaction with myself, so being able to see my own ratings without going into my profile page isn't such a loss.

While on the subject, what I'd like to see is trader rating be a forced reply kind of thing.
More than once I've given ratings to a seller only to be completely ignored in return for being the buyer. I don't mean give a good rating back because a good rating was received, I mean give some kind of response at all instead of just sucking up seller marks and making buyers look stupid because they have more ratings given than received even though they should be equal number.
An imbalance can sort of lead one to believe that perhaps a deal didn't go so well.

Buyers need a good rep too if they want to be trusted by sellers, and I imagine sellers do look at buyers ratings as part of thier final decision to sell to a given individual.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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