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Is there any market for older holster and belts??

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I'm hoping this is the right place to put this since it's relevant to handguns. I have an older Colorado Saddlery 1767 belt with a Lawrence Holster. The belt is marked 1767 34 39 and the holster that's attached reads 130LFS RBH 4 5/8. This appears to be a cowboy style setup with little ammo holders around the belt. Some are missing and the leather is starting to dry out. Is there any collectors for things like this and how much is something like this worth? Probably not alot if anything, but it appears to have used ALOT and I don't mind keeping it as a wall hanger maybe with my old Crossman Pellet pistol in it. (with a few treatments of leather conditioner. before hanging it.) :)

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Guessing it would be for a Ruger Blackhawk w/ 4 5/8" barrel based on the stamping? Post it up for sale, who knows!
I can offer this....when I sold some old Galco rigs I had no one on any gun forums were willing to pay my asking prices, which I felt were low to begin with. I had lowball offers....I put them on ebay and got 50% to 100% more than I had been asking with the gun crowd.
Hey ... Ruger BlackHawk ... Makes sense on the RBH huh?? I'm not sure whether to list it or not. If it ain't worth squat the Ebay fees would cost more than the belt and holster!! LOL
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