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I say this as I spoke with my brother in law who just got his permit (all be it 6 months int he making). He met with the investigator, met with the judge, he got his permit, and went and bought his first. He told me that there is no voucher there in that county, or coupon. So he has to wait until the judge signs the ammendment.....which could be weeks away. I was further enlightened that a conceal/ carry permit is near impossible for him. I don't know what is up there, but I know have 2 metropolitan areas that I would never live in. I also heard a rumor that if you have an unrestricted permit and thenm move into the county, you get a restricted by default. I rubbed a little salt in his wound when I told him that I'll carry when I visit on principle

I feel bad for those held back by some/ all of this
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