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What do you call it?

  • Soda

    Votes: 35 61.4%
  • Pop

    Votes: 17 29.8%
  • Soft Drink

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 5 8.8%
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I have had this conversation with a co worker in great depth and even when I use reason she will not listen lol. I know all of you here are reasonable so lets see what the dictionary says lol.



  1. Carbonated water (originally made with sodium bicarbonate).
  2. A carbonated soft drink.


Definition of POP
1: a sharp explosive sound

2: a shot from a gun

3: soda pop

4: pop fly

5: power to hit a baseball hard <a hitter with some pop in his bat>

6: a drink or shot of alcohol - a pop

1: for each one : apiece <tickets at a pop>

2: for each attempt <rushed for an average of five yards a pop>

1 - 7 of 33 Posts
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