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Iraq War Vet Was Warned Waffle House Wasn’t ‘Safe For Whites,’ Gets Beaten

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Iraq War Vet Was Warned Waffle House Wasn't 'Safe For Whites,' Gets Beaten, Needs Brain Surgery

Iraq Vet Beaten After Being Warned Waffle House Unsafe For Whites | The Daily Caller
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The great Rev Cocck Sharpass already running the other way with earplugs..i can only think of those see no evil hear no evil statues"if i dont see it or hear it, it didnt happen".POS! Guess we wont hear nothin bout this on news..people still cryin bout a fat, guilty (in my mind and cause i saw video of him at that store)criminal thug."it doesnt seem to be a hate crime"??! Nooo the crowd only followed him to a totaly different restuarant and almost killed him while screaming racial slurs..fuxk this BS.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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