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I will be traveling to Elmira on June 5th to pick up a Platform bed that I had made there. I planned the trip mid week hoping that I might visit some shooting supply places / gun shops. Also will be venturing into PA as far south as Franklin. I will be looking to purchase some 9mm ammo as well as some 12 Gauge shot shells. Wondering if anyone can suggest any stores and their address so that I can locate them using GPS. In the Shot Shells I am specifically looking for 00 Buck and #1 Buckshot. I have been wanting to pattern these two loads in my 590A1 but have not been able to find any near me. Would have to be the same brand for both so that I can compare apples to apples. Cannot mix brands. Ideally I would like to get both in the Federal Flight Control . PD or LE 132-00 and 132 - -#1
Also looking for any camping facilities around Elmira or further south along the route to Franklin PA. Nothing fancy just a place to pitch a small tent for the night.
Lastly, anyone ever get a non resident PA pistol permit in one of the boarder counties of PA in that area? Anyone that will do it in one visit? I had a thread about this and I was told good things about Center County but that is not really close to where I will be.
Any Info is appreciated.
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