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I love the 1911 platform. I see no reason you shouldn't go for the Ronin. In fact, I think you should buy all of the guns you mentioned.

Go for whatever combination of safety devices you are comfortable with. There's no right or wrong choice. The most important safety device is the operator - hone that safety to perfection and nothing else matters.

I get the arguments for and against the various safety devices. It's inarguable that the more devices you have, the more things that can go wrong. It's also inarguable that as you increase the safety devices on a firearm, the chances of a negligent discharge being prevented are slightly higher (just by the simple fact that there are more things that can prevent the gun from firing).

I think it comes down to personal utility and situation. For myself, I like having a manual safety on a carry gun, but I'd prefer to not have a grip safety. Similarly, I wouldn't want a single action-only gun for a carry gun, I wouldn't want to need to cock the gun each round in a hairy situation.

But, put me in a different situation - say, if I were a cop, or if I were in the military on the battlefield - I would not want a manual safety on a pistol.
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