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As the title implies, I'm in the market for pepper spray.

Personally, with my budget, getting a permit, a handgun, and in the possibility of having to ever use it; have it get taken from me by authorities, (AND possibly not getting it back), I simply cannot afford all that.

Now dont get me wrong, pepper spray certainly is no substitute for a reliable handgun, but i'm getting tired of going through rough neighborhoods and not feeling even a LITTLE protection.

Now i've looked over a few products, but it has gotten pretty confusing...

Basically i'm looking for these traits:

Low risk of blowback (you know hing to use it and not getting the wind bringing the spray back to my face ( a lil specific dont ya think?)
Ease of use (Knowing easily which way is being pointed , probably avoid cylindrical options)
Power (pretty self explanatory, simply the "heat rating", this part is complicated)
Cost ( I'd rather not have to pay 3 bills if it has a shorter shelf life and possibly be single shot, compared to a defensive firearm)

Any help would be great, I simply am having a tough time researching this between work and home life.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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