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Im lost with optics......

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Ok so ive been looking for a while for glass for my 700sps .308 ..I have a mark4 on my ar10 I love the scope but dont want to spend that much on another one... Any suggestions...Looking to shoot 500+ I see good reviews for the millett 4-16x50's but anyone have input? thanks Guys.. Happy Shooting....
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46 views and no one has an opinion on what scope they use ?
I use a Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50 FFP. It wasn't cheap ($850-900), but for the features it'd be very tough to beat.

My advice is to not skimp on optics, especially with a rifle that has as much potential as the 700. The lowest quality optic I'd use would be a Burris, and those aren't bad at all.
thank you
Vortex Viper PA 6-20x50 here. Love that damn scope! Priced around $475 on eBay. One seller on eBay has taken down to $400...I've purchased 4 from him now.
I have a Bushnell elite tactical 5-15x40 on my 700sps right now and am happy with it.
After talks with a few people I think im going to try the millett 6-25x56 Lr the model is 81004.. nothing but good reviews, worst case i dont like it and sell it..
I absolutely love my SWFA SS for $300 you can't beat the price. Glass is really good and the turrets track everytime as expected. There are quite a few reviews out there check them out at
I will second the SWFA SS have a couple of them and love them and for the price you can't beat them!
If you are on a tight budget,don't overlook a Tasco Varmint 6x24 scope......I know,the word Tasco makes everyone shiver,but for $100.00 or less they are a VERY good scope,my LGS sells a ton of them.....!
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