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im looking for people to go Turkey Hunting with in dutchess county

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Hey guys im looking for some all around good natured people to go turkey hunting with in the dutchess county area, more specifically Hopewell jct, fishkill, beacon & wappingers falls,( poughkeepsie an hyde park area lil far 45 mins away for me).

I have a spot in the hopewell jct area (in a marshland/ swamp not to far from the taconic state parkway) I have the land owners permission they signed the lil card for me allowing me access to turkey hunt through the fall turkey season. I just went to walmart an got my turkey permit, an am super excited to go. all the hunters in my family dont hunt turkey, my uncle said he go with me but he dosent really want to he said.

if interested please pm me an we can meet up an see if we could get along so to speak/ check each other out, then set a date to go turkey hunting.

lil about me im just about 30, married almost 2 years now,very responsible, had the same job 3 years now. never had any trouble with the law, just sent in my dutchess county pistol permit application.
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Are you hunting the south side of Rt 52 about 1.5 miles east of the Taconic? I am hunting on NYC DEP property on top of the Rt 52 Hill, just past the Package Pavement plant. I am always looking to hunt.

I've been thinking of starting a tread like this myself. I've never been hunting but I have all my permits. A friends friend claims he is going to take us out once deer rifle season opens but who knows, I still haven't met the guy.
pm incoming. def interested!
Rubline- I have access to privet property just off of miller hill exit off taconic. I have full gear brand nice turkey caller, new 12 ga. Mossberg 500. Have my permit, am def. interested in hunting pm me ill give you my cell. I auctully didn't know there was public access there I'd love to check out your spot.
Here is part of the land I hunt on in NJ. never saw a damn bird during season in 3 years but they are out in force when you cant get them LOL


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Nice pic, I'd like to see something like that when I'm out hunting.
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