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I think I have it narrowed down. Need opinions

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I think I have it narrowed down between the Gsg 1911 .22 and the ruger SR-22.

Anyone have experience with both? I already have a rock island 1911 compact .45 one part of me says get the 1911 for more practice the other part says buy a different one for more variety. I also don't have experience with the sr-22 but have always had great experience with my previous Rugers so I feel very confident with them.

Help is greatly appreciated.

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Just picked up the Ruger Sr22P last weekend. Haven't shot it yet but reviews are good and Ruger is a good company.
If you didn't have the 1911 I would say get the Ruger lots of options and accessories. BUT sine you have a 1911 get the Gsg .22. I dont have any experience with Gsg but it will be good practice for manipulating and shooting your .45 and much cheeper to shoot. It is nice to have variety but there is something to be said about having similar ergonomics between guns and muscle memory using them.
Just picked up the Ruger Sr22P last weekend. Haven't shot it yet but reviews are good and Ruger is a good company.
I'm in the same boat as this guy only I bought mine two weeks ago. I have had good luck with my Ruger's so far.

Is the slide cracking still a problem with the GSG .22s?
the sr22p is a great gun bit on the small side if you have even medium sized hands it feels tiny.
I haven't had that issue with my GSG, I've put probably 3k down range with it.

I like the pistol, don't get me wrong, The mags are very well built BUT....I had the floor plate slide out and the spring and everything went flying (thankfully it was on my mat when it happened.

The action is smooth, the sights are nice. Unlike a 45 1911, you have to have a mag in it to fire (seems like a logical way anyways).

You can use cheap ammo, however I would suggest higher velocity (1300 FPS mimimum) as the action needs it to cycle. I have the collector edition (which isn't really that special IMO), and all I ever did was swap out the grips for some Hogues
Have you given any thought into a .22 conversion for your 1911 maybe?
No, made the decision on the GSG just waiting on it to one in.
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