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" I SUPPORT RPD" shirts avail

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Bob Lonsberry and have come upwith a shirt to show support for RPD. Neither nor Lonsberry are making any money from the shirts and there are charitable contributions made from the sale of every shirt.

Take a look:

RPD Support Shirt - Navy Gildan T-Shirt

And here is the link to the article that Lonsberry wrote about the shirts:
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Those are cool. Props to him for stepping up and helping out.
Just got two For me!!!
Just got two For me!!!
The only way I knew they were Rochester Police Department shirts and not Rochester Personal Defense shirts was the logo on the chest!
LOL......true.....It's OK, they can use the acronym too. :)
Hmmm... maybe I'll pick up a couple as gifts...
Got mine in the mail two days after placing the order!!
Got mine too. Freakin Sweet
Just got two For me!!!
Speaking of shirts I am a tad ticked at you....
When I took your Utah course you had a table display with shirts. wanted one of those button up polos in XL and you guys were all out of my size.
What kinda show you run'n anyways!?!
Not referring any more friends to your course until my size comes in.
LOL.... you have my email...all you gotta do is ask.....
LOL.... you have my email...all you gotta do is ask.....
im asking ...Im asking! LOl
tell you what, when my co worker contacts you and heads out i will go with him and buy one from you. They looked great BTW!
Remind me by email and i'll make sure I have one.
Gonna order one tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up today at lunch, J
Just received one of the Roch Pers Def "Zombie" shirts off that site. Looks great and super quick shipping.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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