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I didn't hear the whole of the story, so some of my info is not 100%, but

I went to a friends business the other day, and the topic of guns came up, and I was told to go look at a couple 5 gallon buckets over in the corner. I did and I almost cried.
In the 2 or 3 buckets were the sawed up remains of more than a few guns. One I read was a Ruger revolver of some sort, along with some shotgun parts and a bunch more other revolvers.
These were not what my friend did, he just puts them in with his scrap metal for a friend of his that is somehow associated with a police agency of some sort or other.
I didn't get any pics as I didn't bring my camera as I wasn't expecting to see any of this.

The only thing I'm going to say is that this is in the Area of Schenectady, the owner of the business is a pro-gun person, and doesn't really like the guns being chopped up, and he is only putting the scrap pieces in his pile of scrap.

Next time I go, I will get some pictures of the 5 gallon buckets, if they haven't gone to the scrap yard yet.:(
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