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Let's not forget the Dr. Corasanti case (Amherst, NY) - guy knocked back some whiskey at the country club, got into his BMW over the DWI limit, then ran down and killed an 18 yr old girl, fled the scene, tampered with evidence, and lied to police. No felony conviction, and he got off with a light 1-yr sentence. Justice is blind, right?
Well that wasn't a gun and a school bus full of kids!

This guy tried to do the right thing and is gonna pay the price now. Without knowing the details of the case as far as where the bus was, where the deer was, where he was I can't say whether or not he deserves his sentence. I can say it appears they are trying to make an example of him and this should be a reminder to all you sure of your target AND beyond.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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