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Tony Spitaleri remembers the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut vividly. He was across the country, at home in Sunnyvale where he was mayor.

"I was sitting in my favorite chair, wife was sitting on the couch, and dog was barking," he says, "and we were watching TV and it just flashed, it came like any other breaking news. 'Breaking news: tragedy in Newtown.' Sandy Hook, yeah. What happened?"

What happened was six adults and 20 children were killed by a school shooter. Spitaleri was distraught watching the updates come across the screen.

He wondered, "'How can this be? How can this happen?' All the questions that you ask trying to get answers, and no one's giving you answers."

The incident set Spitaleri off.

How one Bay Area city is causing national controversy with local gun control | KALW

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