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No reason to let non-responders get to you. I just recently sold a rifle and received a solid offer from a guy locally who was willing to do a cash deal, face-to-face transaction. We both agreed that we had a deal and I put the rifle in a sale pending funds status. I sent some emails to the guy as well as text messages asking when and where he wanted to meet. Guy went non-responsive on me for 2 days and didn't respond to any of my emails or voicemails I left him - told him I need a response by end of day or the rifle goes back up for sale. Long story short, received another good offer, only this time the guy showed up promptly with the cash. Just my way of dealing with a non-responder. His loss. LOL.
That's a whole different issue. It's one thing to just ask a question and not respond to the answer (which is what was brought up in the OP), it's another to agree to the sale and then not show at the last minute.

If someone asked me a question, I answer and then they don't respond? Not a big deal. They asked, I answered, interaction over.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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