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Radio Shack 25.2V CT 2.0A Heavy-Duty Chassis-Mount which can be wired 12.6v or 25.2v @ $12.99
Home Depot light dimmer switch, push on/off @ $8.00
The table is a piece of white laminated melamine shelving from HomeDepot.
The wire in nichrome that I purchased from eBay. I think 50 feet for $10.
The tower is just left over shelf brackets that I had. The base is scrap wood and I had to add the feet to clear the transformer.

The first one I built I used a doorbell transformer from Home Depot and a piece of 24 Gage steel wire. The wire heated up and broke within seconds. I replaced the wire with slightly thicker gage and blew the transformer. I think they're less than 1amp rated. That's why I went to the 2 amp at Radio Shack. I also added a 2amp fuse to save the transformer and pilot light so that I knew it was on.

I did some reading on-line and found out most wire cutters use nichrome wire. It holds up really well. I've never had to change it.
I had to add the spring to the tower because as the wire heats it expands and sags. The spring maintains the tension for a nice straight cut.

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