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aside from owning a nice collection of pistols and shotguns for home defense, and having the whole family participate in an appropriate self-defense class, or at least security awareness training, what's your best advice for adjusting living conditions inside a home with respect to security?

From the perspective of someone who has a blank sheet of paper, nothing at all except a standard stick built home.

install a modern electric remotely monitored security system? Doors and windows on 1st floor, basement, garage? More than that required?

install a local only security system?

cameras? There are innexpensive motion sensing camera systems that can page your phone with a picture if something changes. I actually have something like this installed using zoneminder and a few IR cameras. It works great, BTW.

relocate your master bedroom to be between the main access point and your kids' rooms?

mechanism for automatically closing garage door left open too long?

install automatically locking external door locks? i.e. that lock automatically at a certain hour?

add doors to give the ability to lock off the sleeping quarters from the rest of the home?

How about sleeping, is it wisest to sleep with the bedroom door open? What about a fan running for ambient noise? Turn it off and learn to sleep in silence?

I ask mostly because in reading about the home invasions lately, some of these things would have eliminated the invasion compeltely, or at least alerted the homeowner well ahead of time, and I would really like to get some ideas for upgrading my own system.

How far is too far? In reality, the risk is low, but the consequences could be huge in the event of failure.

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Depends on where you live and what your area threat is really. If you live in a gated community where they have private security patrols your defenses are going to be different than those that live in a town house directly off the interstate.
In my area we have teens that like to break into houses. These teens are known and they seem to only venture (break in) into houses or onto property where they are not challenged immediately the first time they show up to case the place. I do not let teens on my property or in my house (only the ones that are required to live there by the law).
When I bought my house it had four doors that lead to the outside of the house, no deadbolts and four different keys. I eliminated two doors installed new locks and deadbolts, along with motion sensor lights on all sides of the house. I also installed solid core doors on the bedrooms reinforced the doorjambs and installed security hinges so the doors could not be removed, and reinforced the interior walls with extra studs. A good set of outside door locks and deadbolts on the bedroom doors will keep anyone at bay for a little while.
My garage is manually closed and locked. The doors to the house are locked all the time. Curtains, blinds and shades are shut all the time too, keeps wandering eyes from peering in. Being unpredictable when coming and going also helps. If you have multiple cars take a different one to work every now and then. That way if someone is watching the house they would not be able to tell who is home. A security system with a loud alarm and being friends with the neighbors (if they are not scum) always helps.
I am known as the crazy neighbor so kids avoid my house. My closest neighbors like the reputation because it keeps the teens away from their property too. You just have to be vigilant as to your surroundings and challenge those that don't belong in your neck of the woods.
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