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All serious herpers know this law. The same goes for many species of plants. (they don't want them taken from the environment/eco system) The guy that brought the rattler home didn't know though which is why I released it back on Bear Mtn. (not to mention the fact he thought it was cute!!) There is an exception to that rule though ... garter, rat, milk, and corn snakes are commonly found in the pet stores. All of them are considered native to this state as they are pretty much the same genre and there are specimens of each in the wild in NYS. Most for sale in the pet stores are captive bred and in "collector phases" of colors and patterns, but there are a few "normals" I question due to their attitude when handled. LOL I'll take a pic of the creamsicle colored corn snake at the range if I see him again. Purely 100% natural color morph and not sure how it manages to be around every year. That type of coloring is a huge welcome sign for the predators of the snakes. Pretty cool to see this little guy. ( I call him little because compared to a 19.5' Reticulated Python I use to have (RIP), he's a worm!! Hahaha

Right now, I only keep Ball Pythons as far as snakes go. They are easy to take care of and easier to manage due to their max length of 6'. Very tame snakes as well. Love to be handled and outside on a nice 75 degree or above day soaking up the sun. :)
Well I have been warned by more than 1 conservation officer...I was not attacking you just trying to save you some lawyer fees...I have family in and around virginia that collect venom for anti-venom. I don't have time to play with snakes anymore.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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