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If you were closer I would still pass lol. I am not particularly fond of snakes lol. I remember in NC a guy put a baby rattle snake in a ammo box we were putting cases into and we made him take it out. When he did not only did he drop kick it (not cool for snakes sake) but when he did it looked like a lot of venom was misted into the air.

A suggestion for your personal records is this. I have a delorme handheld GPS and it comes with mapping software so you can add different maps and create routes (software is not user friendly). But the cool thing about it is if you bring the GPS with you and sink the time on your camera up to the gps when ever you take the photos it can put them on the map in your computer so you will know where you took the photos of dens or snakes for future reference.
PN-Series Handheld GPS - DeLorme
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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