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While I'd be happy to go out and shoot at paper with you one day my man, going out snake hunting is just not up my alley.. heh.

Interesting hexidismal fact #726: For reasons unknown, snakes absolutely HATE me. I don't even really have anything against them, and I am not at all afraid of them, but something about me they just really don't like. Now, mind you I am very much an 'animal person'. Peoples pets, even otherwise typically unfriendly pets, and even sometimes wild animals, just seem to always take a shine to me. Snakes however... Well, lets just give some examples. Pet snakes which will calmly just sit around on their owner will inevitably strike out at me if I get close. On a school trip, when I was just a lad, I was bit not once but twice by common watersnakes in a public swimming lake where as far as I have heard no others have ever been bitten. Even little baby garden snakes that don't even have the teeth for it, will insanely strike out at me if I try to handle them (and be completely calm for others). So, I've never had any inkling why, but snakes and I can not co-exist. Their bad.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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