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Word from Genesee County SCOPE is that Skelos, Grisanti & Klein will be at the Naval Park this Thursday, at 3pm, to promote the SAFE Act to Veterans!

We are currently coming up with a remote meeting place to meet at before they begin so that we can all descend as a unified front! PLEASE STAY TUNED! If you can clear your schedules PLEASE DO SO!

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Breaking NEWS!
There is a Fine line between corruption and just good politics in New York State.

Attention Michael, remember this date: Thursday 3 p.m. June 27 at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park

The story is finally breaking about Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns web site being hosted on, something SCOPE was aware of for a very long time.
NYC Taxpayers Help Sponsor Bloomberg
Bloomberg spokesman Marc La Vorgna, says Mayors Against Illegal Guns is not "a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization," . The group's "action fund" -- a separate entity -- is the 501(c)(4). But, as Haberman and Friess note inPolitico, "The overlap between Bloomberg's groups and the city are evident throughout the registration information for several of the websites associated with them."
The Mayors Against Illegal Guns website, according to La Vorgna, like other Bloomberg efforts to lobby the federal government, was done as part of "his capacity as mayor."

He also used his capacity to funnel donations to select Republicans in the New York Senate in return for passage of the NY SAFE Act which was authored by Bloomberg's Group and then pushed trough by Andrew Cuomo. Yes the very same Andrew Cuomo; who is screaming for special powers to investigate corrupt legislators receiving funds in return for votes.

After dancing on the blood of Sandy Hook's tiny victims, Bloomberg and Cuomo used their capacity to push though a clearly unconstitutional law to further their own agendas; Bloomberg by influencing three key RINO's in the NY Senate, and Cuomo trying to be the first 2016 Presidential Candidate to show all the other progressives that are backing Hilary Clinton, that he is even more "progressive" than she is.
The very same governor preaching anti corruption, that is using Federal Hurracane Sandy money to broadcast commercials with his face and name for "brand building" . Again, in preperation for 2016. It is amazing how these types can use taxpayer money to further their own agendas. Now three NY Senators are plotting to do the same thing. They have a fund raiser in Buffalo planned for Thrusday, so how can they have all of thier travel expenses paid for by the tax payer? Make it a busniess trip.

The three RINO's that were the key to NY SAFE being passed are coming to Buffalo for photo ops with veterans followed by a fundraiser at the Buffalo Chop House.

Here are the details:
Veterans event with Grisanti- Skelos and Klein

Local military veterans will get a chance to rub elbows with the two top leaders of the New York State Senate when they come to town next week to discuss issues they're facing, including high unemployment among younger vets.
State Sen. Mark J. Grisanti, a member of the Senate's Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, announced Tuesday that the meeting with Senate coalition leaders Dean G. Skelos and Jeffrey D. Klein is set for 3 p.m. June 27 at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park at Canal side.
In urging veterans to attend the meeting, Grisanti, R-Buffalo, said it is important for state leaders to receive direct input from former members of the armed forces.

Now these three can have their travel paid for by the taxpayers and as soon as they spend about an hour with veterans they will speed down to the Buffalo Chop House for a fundraiser with people more to their liking. Who knows perhaps Bloomberg's Mayors Against Individuals Guns will throw in a couple of bucks.

It is just to dog gone bad that SCOPE doesn't have its web hosting paid for by the tax payers or have the resources that Bloomberg has. But if we did, we would use or capacity to put out a press release something like this:,

Veterans Call to action!
Scratch that Gun Owners Call to action!
No, how about All Patriots Call to action!

Three of our formerly A rated Senators are coming to Buffalo for a photo op with veterans.

Dean Skelos, Mark Grisanti and Jeffery Klein are three of the principle senators who colluded to pass the unconstitutional "SAFE Act" in the middle of the night. They deny and infringe on the constitutional right to keep and bear arms that our veterans fought and died to protect. Now they have the audacity to come and profess to be working for veterans. Even the VA has stated they will refuse to comply with the SAFE Act.

Thursday June 27th at 3 PM all veterans and patriots need to be at the Erie County Naval & Military Park at Canal side downtown Buffalo. Wear your service uniforms. Bring your flags and patriotic gear. BRING YOUR REPEAL THE SAFE ACT SIGNS!

Let these arrogant politicians know that this will not stand. We will not rest until our rights are restored.
When the event is finished and the three RINO's are schmoozing their contributors at the Chop House, the vets and patriots can speed on down to D'Arcy Mcgees (Next to Chop House) to cool off from the heat.

VISIT OUR ACTION ALERT CENTER - SCOPE is proud to announce the New Legislative Action Alert Center or LAAC. You can always find it, use it and share it 24-7. This tool allows you to easily write - fax or call your representatives and make your voice heard. Check it out here.

Last but not least, thank you for helping SCOPE help New York gun owners! Our membership numbers gets SCOPE the access and respect of our elected officials. Please consider adding to the cause by donating one dollar for each gun you have in your stable in these critical times. You can donate here! Click on the Special instructions and key in "My stable"

Support our sponsors. For a listing:
Shooters Committee on Political Education - S.C.O.P.E. NY

Shooters Committee on Political Education


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this thread is hotlinked from this article Un-Safe At Any Speed when you click on the "angry anti safe protestors" link it brings you to this thread. its always nice to have an audience.

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this thread is hotlinked from this article Un-Safe At Any Speed when you click on the "angry anti safe protestors" link it brings you to this thread. its always nice to have an audience.
Reading the article makes it seem like the protesters were a "small--yet vocal--minority" as the article puts it. To their credit ti does say we're growing in power. I sure hope so.
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