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A week ago I was in the Midwest visiting a friends shop. I was peering at some throat erosion in a .260 barrel with a Hawkeye bore-scope when my cell phone rang. It was my son Andy calling.

He said, "Hey Dad, you know how you've always wanted a Hawkeye bore-scope?

I hesitated for just a second to think what a weird coincidence this was. I was actually using a Hawkeye when he called.

I responded, "Yeah, go on."

Andy said, "Well there's a guy here at work that's selling off some of his dad's shooting stuff and he asked if we'd like to buy his Hawkeye."

"Ok, so what does he want for it?" I replied.

"He's asking $300 for the whole kit." was the answer.

I nearly shouted, "BUY IT!!!!!"

The kit in question sells at retail for $1,145.

Now it's mine, bwahahahahaha.


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If you ever feel like renting it this guy, lol
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