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hate active head rests

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Anyone else have a vehicle with active head-rests and feels like their head is being squished towards their chest? (insert joke here).

On most other cars I have driven my head doesn't come in contact with headrest unless I really leaned back. Now, it's always there pushing into my head
A lot of cars I tried have now gone to that style. I know it's safer for whiplash, but wow does it suck.

I am wondering how standard the peg measurement for headrests are so that I could swap these out with an older more unsafe model by checking salvage yards.

Thoughts? Fixes?
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I turned mine around and faced it backwards :)
I cranked the tilt all the way back and made a pad with 1 inch foam.....yes I can sew
Get in back seat.
Put headrest at least halfway up.
Put knee against back of front seat.
Grab headrest firmly with both hands and reef the **** out of it til the frikkin thing is at a more suitable angle.
Get out of back seat.
Adjust headrest height accordingly.
I cranked the tilt all the way back and made a pad with 1 inch foam.....yes I can sew
Pad for the backseat? How much of seat did you cover? This is the option I was thinking about.

I tried turning mine around but it is too far the other way, feels like having no head rest at all. Sigh.
I bought a seat cover and some foam padding out my needle and thread and went to town...;)
I mean did you pad the back of the seat to bring you farther forward on the butt of the seat as well?

The plus side I can get all the lumbar padding I want if I am going to make something myself. Hate to give up the back of the seat storage with a cover.
I padded between my back and the the padding to the seat cover . I don't have the storage thingy...if I did I guess I would sew the cover to the seat after cutting the cover...or use velcro?
Pics? I'm still hoping swapping out the headrest will work
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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