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Halloran Opposes Proposed Rule Amendment Regarding Gun Licenses

Council Member Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) will speak out at a public hearing today opposing a proposed rule amendment to the City's gun licensure regulations. The proposed regulations would allow revoking or denying a firearm license to applicants for a vague and bizarre array of reasons of dubious relevance.

"This rule amendment would allow the City to deny a gun license to almost any law-abiding New Yorker, and for downright silly reasons, " Halloran said. "We are stepping on a very slippery slope here. Many of these requirements are painfully vague. That can include 'violations' that have nothing to do with one's fitness to own a gun, such as building code and sanitation violations. And others have nothing at all (to) do with gun safety or crime in any way. Now, you can be denied a gun permit for poor driving, termination from a job, or failing to pay your Cable bill.

"This amendment is just another way for the City to infringe on the Constitutional right of New Yorkers to bear arms. The City will stoop to almost any level to take this basic liberty away even if it means bending the Constitution and defying all common sense. I'm here to oppose this law. And it will not make our city safer. It will only deny freedom to law-abiding New Yorkers, without doing a thing to punish or take guns away from criminals who acquire guns illegally or on the black market."

Here is a scanned copy of his press release:

Here is a link to his homepage with contact information:

New York City Council - Council Member Daniel J. Halloran - District: 19
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