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Had a jam

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Sig P239, 9mm, Remington 115 gr JHP....

When the gun cycled the last bullet in the magazine, it jammed a live round in the chamber and the slide was partially closed shut. After some very careful persuasion I got the slide open and here's what came out of the ejector port (below). The only way I can see that happening is from it feeding.

No problems before, and no problems afterwards. Cycled a few rounds in and out of the weapon before firing it again. Gave the gun a thorough cleaning afterwards - didn't see any problems.

Is it possible I just ended up with a bad round that was slightly deformed?


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I will show you some pics of some of the stuff I found in factory ammo boxes through the years.
smashed heads in shotshells, missing primers, blown off primers, missing powder, no crimps.
I am talking about federal, hornady, remington, etc.. and those guys. They are getting a lot better at QC that
is for sure so it is a lot harder to see a factory "troll" round like above.
Talking about QC and crimp I saw one guy at the range with russian ammo from silver bear and literally the bullets fall off the cases. there was powder all over the bench.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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