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We would like to offer NY Firearms, Parts, and Accessories (online) retailers with a special incentive to get their products and web store searchable on GunSpec. The following packages are available for a 50% discounted subscription rate which is a fixed price each year as long as the retailer remains active on GunSpec.

Micro Plan: Up to 25 products listed, regularly $228 and available for $114 per year.


Basic Plan: Up to 250 products listed, regularly $600 and available for $300 per year.

Each plan includes "featured seller listings" that provide additional brand visibility and maintain your logo/product toward the top of searches in each category that you have products to offer.

We would also be happy to set everything up for you. This includes making sure each product is searchable on GunSpec by specification. Just send us your product list and we'll take care of the rest. Please contact us for details or reply back with questions!
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