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Gun lock KARMA

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Inspired by the thread of the 3 year old who shot his father.

Two winners will each receive 2 gun locks (pictured). They're brand new, bagged w/ instructions, two keys each. Must have at least 50 posts to enter. For a chance to win, post in this thread by 6pm on Sunday, July 22. Winners chosen at random.

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Im in.

Love this karma!!
Count me in you can never have enough locks!
Count me in, awesome karma!
Do you guys use these locks because you have children in the household? I do not see any other reason to use them except for that unless I'm missing something. Just curious.

Cool Karma!

Don't enter me, I don't use them, but it's always nice to have karma. I think I may have amassed enough of these to have my own karma of them soon enough.
Count me in you can never have enough locks!
A quick glance and I thought this said ENOUGH COCKS!!

I got a little nervous to be honest with you.
I have 3 locks brand new in bags I can throw in to a good cause, they are always sitting around and I don't use them. If 944Turbo doesn't mind picking a third winner instead of me making a new thread with the same thing i'll send the 3 to whom ever wins. I'd prefer who ever wins them uses them for gun locks because they have small kids or grandkids as opposed to just using them for random locks but that will fall on you. Leg Knee Foot Human leg Font
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Thank you whauburger, that is very kind of you. That was my sentiment as well - if someone can use the locks to help prevent a tragedy then they will do more good than sitting around in my office not being used.

I'll pick a third winner on Sunday for your locks. Thanks again! :cool:
And the winners of 2 locks each are...

1. tmyoungjr
2. KBurdo

and a bonus winner of whauburger's offer...

3. vince22sh
Thank you very much. I've always want to display some of my rifles, but with out locks in my house is a NO GO. Now I can set a few out.
They came in today, thanks again!
Recieved mine too today!!! Thanks Whauburger....and also thanks 944turbo for doing this Gun locks Karma ;)
Happy to help keep a family safe. I don't have any kids so they were just sitting around doing nothing.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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