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Rochester Personal Defense, LLC and LionsPride Training Group are proud to announce that WE are the sponsors of the newest GSSF event in NY State.

The Ontario Region Glock Challenge.

This event will be held at the Fabulous Ontario Rod and Gun Club in Ontario NY on August 13/14 2022. (Just 15 minutes East of Rochester)

This is a great way to get newer shooters introduced to the sport shooting/competition world. The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) is a community of GLOCK shooters & enthusiasts ranging in all levels of experience from new shooters to experienced shooters. GSSF membership is required of all competitors. You may join GSSF by email, fax, standard mail, or at a match. They accept cash, check, money order or credit card

Only GLOCK pistols may be used in the competition. There are 12 divisions possible. They are: Civilian, Guardian, Subcompact, Competition, Heavy Metal, Major-Subcompact, Unlimited, Master-Stock, Pocket Glocks, Rimfire, Glock Girls, and Glock MOS. Your gun model and status (LEO, Non LEO) determines the division(s) you can compete in.

Competitors can usually complete all stages of the match in one day. Registration opens at about 9:00 AM each day and closes at 2:00 PM. Shooting continues until all registered entries have completed their stages or we run out of daylight, whichever happens first. Stage signup books are closed ½ hour after registration closes.

Competitors will need a minimum of 100rds per entry. A GLOCK pistol, 4 magazines, eye and ear protection, comfortable range appropriate footwear and clothing,

There are 3 stages.
One is called GLOCK The Plates. Shooters will engage 6 plates. The goal is to knock them all down in the fastest time with few or no misses.
The next stage is called Glock M. This is an array of cardboard targets in the shape of an M with one steel target in the middle.
The last stage is called 5 To Glock. This one is set up either as an alternating (l-r) array of 5 targets starting at 5yds and going to 25yrds. The other option is a lineal setup with the targets all in a progressively shifting line.

The goal in the Glock M and 5 To Glock states is to shoot 2rds per target, preferably hitting the middle zone and doing so in the fastest time possible.

All shooting is done from a stationary, low ready position. This event is perfect for newer shooters!

To register in advance for the Ontario Region Glock Challenge on August 13/14, 2022, you need to visit this page: You then click on “Outdoor Matches” Then “Register”. You’ll create a user ID and password. After that, you can go register by scrolling down to the “Ontario Region Glock Challenge I” listing and select any or all the divisions that apply to you. If you are not a member of the GSSF, you will be prompted to join as well.


If you’d like to volunteer, there is no special training or certification required. It’s an easy way to get involved. You can help by running a timer, scoring, selling raffle tickets, etc. There is always a chance to assist!

For any questions, or to volunteer, please email Dave Jenkins at [email protected] and let him know if you can help with setup on Friday, 8/12, or the match on 8/13 or 8/14. All we need is a minimum of a half day. All volunteers receive a free lunch coupon (Lunch is sponsored by Rochester Personal Defense, LLC). There are also free gifts and prizes from Glock that volunteers can receive!

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Dave Jenkins
Match Director, Ontario Region Glock Challenge
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