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i used this for my honeymoon and realised i have no use for it anymore... total it has taken like 100 pics and 5 hours of video.
comes with:
hard case,
waterproof back
skeleton back
2 curved mounts
1 flat mount
2 headbands
1 swivel mount
1 bycicle helmet mount

prices i paid for everything,
camera (299.99) olus tax on everything
32GB sd card, (30.00)
wrist mount (40.00)
head mount (15.00) bought it bacause i didnt realise the outdoors edition came with one!

there are no scrathes or any signs of useage anywhere!

looking for 320 for everything

trade for? ar complete lower or upper, or towards a preban lower OR idk
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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