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Its still a tough call and I hate to say it all depends on the layout and all the other variables. Assuming both are reliable firearms.
Here are my Pros and cons of each based on your scenario and I will probably leave some out.

confidence using it / proficiency
easy to move (wont bump into things)
will stop the thrat (not as well as shotgun though)
Makes less holes (assuming some sort of shot is used in shotgun)
May hold more rounds then shotgun.

may not stop threat immediately
may have over penetration (depending on round used)

will most likely stop threat quicker then pistol
if pump the sound of racking round will be deterrent to any escalation
more forgiveness accuracy wise depending on shell fired.
less worry with over penetration

less possible capactity then pistol
less confidence in ability
may bump into obstacles easier then pistol

Also what is closer to you and how much time do you have before needing to employ weapon?
But based soley on your question and details provided it would be a handgun unless you only had time to grab the shotgun.

edit: knew I would forget stuff, Also even if you know both are reliable which could you get back into the fight quicker should it go down? since you say the person has training in handguns then it would be more reason to stick with a handgun. But like you say in a perfect world they would be equally proficient in both in which case I would say shotgun with the handgun for backup.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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