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So what happens if one has all of their training, tactical knowledge, practice and experience with a handgun? Obviously that will be what they carry, but if someone kicks in the door in the middle of the night, what should they go for? The 12 gauge they have very little skill with, or the handgun they fire regularly, and have professional instruction on the effective defensive use of?
Something to consider is the "carry over" of performance trigger manipulation that is seen from training pistol a lot vs. long gun and THEN having to use a long gun. A handgun is lighter with an average trigger pull of 5lbs and you can only achieve two points of contact (sometimes only 1) i.e. two hands on the handgun. Training with the handgun and becoming good with the handgun allows many, based on my experience and the experience of others I work with, to easily shoot a long gun once fundamental manual of arms is understood (loading, chambering, status etc). However, as Kmussack points out, handgun rounds are anemic man stoppers and the increased stopping power of a long gun under extreme stress home defense is a desirable trait which is why long guns are often advocated for home defense or facility defense. I think a more directed question might be: If you had no idea how many were coming and what armament they are bringing what would be your choice of defensive firearm? This is real life.

Based on this article we have 1-2 minutes once a break in/home invasion/burglary occurs to respond before they are in your master bedroom:
Guest Post: A Burglar

1-2 min for you to: recognize and acknowledge what is happening, fully wake up, get corrective lenses on if you wear them, wake up and collect family, access and ready a defensive firearm or tool and call 911. I am sure there are a couple other steps in there I forgot or perhaps your plan is different. Either way, under these worst case scenario circumstances I WANT to have the most devistating firearm ready to as possible.

Just my take.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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