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Get ready for a lesson in the virtues of Communism

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Obama plans to make income inequality a focus of his January 28 State of the Union address.
The press will dutifully report it and on the Main Stream they will whine about it. Obama though will be once again be speaking to his supporters who are looking for free stuff without having to work for it.
I am also betting that though he will be speaking about the Mcdonalds worker not making as much as the CEO
or the Wal-Mart worker not being able to live in the 90210 zip code. He will really be speaking about US American income inequality with other countries. We are a greedy lot you know.

I just a few short years we are witnessing the gradual creep of communism under the pretty sounding name of progressivism turn into an all out sprint for the finish line. For them to be successful they have to get rid of the right to bear arms, destroy faith in God, pander to the intellectuals and entertainment class, replace morals with secular rules of behaviour and other divate ideas.

Anyway, as he speaks he will be doing his best to rile up his once organized community to rise up and get some.
It may not end well.
So as he is talking about the McDonals or Walmart workers how about we remember these examples:

The soldier - why isn't he or she making the same as his commander in chief. That is some income inequality.
The Camera and boom operators - Why aren't they making the same as the movie stars like Meryl Streep who is going to make a move bashing the NRA with Harvey Weinstein. These people need to give up some of their money to the worker class.
Why doesn't every player in the NFL get paid the same.
The Rapper should be giving his money away to the community he learned to rap in.

So as Obama fills the State of the Union with his usual "we should" "we ought a s" and other rhetorical grandiose suggestions the media will tingle and his supporters won't even be watching.
We should think of other examples of income Inequality examples.
Nobody needs 10 rooms in a house. We ought to make everyone live in a 1500 sq foot house equally.
Nobody needs 8 cylinders to drive to work. Why can't everyone drive a Yugo?
Nobody needs a $700 designer belt when you can hold your pants up with a rope.

I fear that the 2014 State of the Union will be an abject lesson in communism without ever mentioning the "C" word.
I can almost hear him.
Forget what the extremists say: Nobody needs mo money!
No one needs more than the community decides their needs to be to stay warm and dry.
Nobody needs 10 pairs of socks to keep their feet warm!!!!

(parody on Andrew bug eyes Cuomo screaming)

Just sayin (in the land of the free)
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The socialist puppets are only a facade for the corporate authoritarians that rule Washington DC. Much like a *sting* to keep the sheep voting *socialist* when in reality they are voting for continued empowerment of corporate and bank totalitarianism that continue to rob the economy blind while we foot the debt.

The upper and middle class who the puppets call *rich* are being bled dry to reduce middle-class influence, and augments the govt.'s influence over the poor to vote *socialist* when in fact they are unknowingly supporting the very same corrupt corporate totalitarians they allegedly hate.

What is the end game - Americans are all poor, no middle class,and govt puppets and the elite corps are the rich masters. Slaves after all cannot be let to have weapons...

The illusion of *right vs left* is the tool of the corporate elitists (AIG, Golman Sachs, Bank of America, Chase etc..) who are running congress and the White House. Trillions of American's dollars have been funneled illegally and through *bailouts* to the banks and Wall streeters unhindered, with no criminal ramifications since they run the show, the wars, the economy, the surveillance, and the attack on the 2nd amendment. (how dare nationalistic Americans event think of resisting us? i.e.- the banks and corporate control of the nation).

As they say in our history - united we stand, divided we fall. America divided between extremes right and left, is the most profitable strategy of the corporate totalitarian criminals in the history of economics and politics of the USA.

Still people wonder why RINOs are...RINOs..and why Progressives kiss corporate arse. Welcome to the marketed illusions of corporate fascism.
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He could start with his, and the millions he's made since he got into politics, the millions he is going to make after he leaves politics, and the thousands of lives he disrupts every time he decides to leave the white house and do what he does in the white house.

Which is absolutely ****ing nothing.

If we were neighbors, I am sure I'd like the guy (not), as I could ignore him at will without much repercussion. But he is masquerading in our country's most powerful and visible office.
What is the end game - Americans are all poor, no middle class,and govt puppets and the elite corps are the rich masters.
The rich hold assets, the poor have debts.

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Our country is all about the Corporate Welfare System, not anything but!

Just look where the tax dollars go, it aint poor People!
Rod Sterling for president!
So many through out America's history have given their lives fighting against this same mindset (communism). Obama is urinating on all their graves.
Now Chuck U Shumer the most famous progressive of them all chimes in.

Although the tea party's influence is "undeniable," it is not inevitable -- and it must be crushed for the good of the nation, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) argued in a long political speech on Thursday.

"They've won elections, stymied Democratic priorities and taken a sledgehammer to programs that are important to tens of millions of Americans," he complained.
- See more at: Schumer Suggests 'Electoral Reform' As Way to 'Lessen the Grip of the Tea Party' | CNS News
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