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It seems like every county has different requirements regarding the character references. I know in NYC, the requirement has even differed from one investigating officer to another.

Here's my question: do you know of anyone who has had an application denied, or been unable to apply for a license, SOLELY because of the character reference requirement?

I mean, if I moved to Orange or Rockland County, I'd have to make friends with the locals and then wait several years before I could apply for a license due to the character reference requirement. It was bad enough in NYC--I had to track down old friends from high school who lived out of state. But at least I could do it, since references don't have to be NYS residents in NYC, only U.S. citizens.

I'm just thinking that this might be something worth challenging in a future lawsuit. We have a constitutional right to possess a handgun in the home. A county can't deny someone that right just because he or she doesn't have enough pro-gun friends who are county residents and have known that person for 4 or 5 years. That wouldn't even pass rational basis.
If someone submits a bad character reference, you are screwed.

Remember thought that most counties have some sort or method for dealing with "newbs." Some will let you use your old country, or some may net even require they be in the county at all, like mine.
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