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It was a tongue in cheek comment inferring that since the supreme court decision, all existing restricted licensees have since been approved for full carry, even in NYC. Most, if not all, of the subsequent restrictions on where one may carry (sensitive areas) decreed by Ms Hochul will be overturned.

It’s not quite "the law" just yet. It is still incumbent upon the district court (lower court) who dismissed the petitioners initial complaint, and the court of appeals, which affirmed that lower court decision, to re-visit their initial decision and “repair” that decision and have it conform with the guidance provided to them by the supreme court.

Basically what the supreme court has said is, “sorry lower courts we have reviewed the case and your decision is incorrect and unconstitutional. "Contained in these one hundred forty some pages of our decision is why”. “Now take this information we have provided you and go back and fix what you screwed up”.

I cannot see a court allowing Ms Hochul to change the training requirements to obtain a pistol license and have those newly enacted requirements pertain to those who have already met all the required qualifications and who currently possess a pistol license. New applicants, maybe. Current holders, probably not.
I disagree with your statement "It's not quite "the law" just yet."
Once the Supreme Court renders the ruling it's law. The administrative process for NY to make the changes is there issue but if anyone tries to enforce these laws that the Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional I'd expect a civil rights lawsuit to follow. The SCOTUS decision reversed the lower court ruling and remanded it back to them to make the corrections in accordance with the Supreme Court ruling. They can't drag their feet and continue to enforce the unconstitutional law.
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