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I Submitted in here in Rockland on Friday. Spoke with the clerk who told me as far as they are aware may issue for "just cause" is still in effect because they're waiting for Albany to change the law. They're acting as if the Supreme Court riluling is a suggestion not an order to strike down the unconstitutional law.
They'll even give you a nice little paper saying as much if you go down to the clerks office yourself.
Anyway they said I could submit my request to the judge as normal and provide "just cause" so I did. I submitted and sited Self Defecnce and NYSRPA v. Bruen as my just cause.
Now we shall see what the judge decides to do.

I'll try to keep ya'll informed of what happens.
If they don’t give it to you. Contact FPC immediately. They are looking for licensees in Rockland, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk.

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