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For sale is an Ithaca M 37 Featherlight Deluxe pump shotgun in 20 gauge. It is in VG+ condition with a few minor bumps and scratches, nothing deep. It is Ithaca, NY made and not a Kings Ferry gun. No vent rib barrel is 28 inches long and is choked "modified". Bluing is also VG with some very minor bluing loss and NO rust. Barrels ARE interchangeable. Solid top receiver with bottom load and ejection keeps the weather out and is perfect for left handed shooters.

Asking $550 + shipping. Please PM with questions, comments, or if you need specific pictures.
DB5589B4-9103-4E05-8F1B-F89B0435904F_4_5005_c.jpeg B0E3CC86-6875-4954-8D06-38BE110278A0_4_5005_c.jpeg CA58D8E8-AB83-4692-991D-BABEC1B1F3D8_4_5005_c.jpeg EAC5FB98-6261-4E33-9F7D-20A2F7879DCE_4_5005_c.jpeg 4B3C0801-4D5B-41C8-B149-75F5FF1A53BE_1_201_a.jpeg 3DAA7EAC-A224-40F8-ADD2-272F8BE30436_1_201_a.jpeg 22FE0B40-19F6-4FDF-8D56-0321EE63B5EF_4_5005_c.jpeg 83580006-9B75-42D9-8B8B-63D8C378579D_4_5005_c.jpeg
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