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Update: I'll toss in two boxes of RWS Target .22 ammo! I want this thing out of my way!

OK, here's the catch, it's the early style wide flat screen tube TV, it is 1080i HD but does not have the HDMI connection. That said it works great, has a nice sound (20W speakers) is in great condition with the remote included. It's a Philips Model 34PW8520, you can read the specs and manuals here Philips 34PW8520 Manuals and read about it here Philips 34PW8520 review - CNET

"Dual-tuner picture-in-picture will appeal to many folks, especially sports fans. When you're using the set's internal sound system, the automatic-volume-level feature dampens any sudden spikes in audio as you change channels or watch commercials. In addition to stereo, there is also the Incredible Surround mode, which gives a greater sense of stereo separation. The 34PW8520 also sports Dolby Virtual, which is designed to mimic the rear-sound auditory environment of a Dolby Surround system without the need for actual rear speakers."

I'd still be using it but the kids gave us a new flat screen, it was not a cheap TV and has nice features.

I live in the village of Marathon right off Rt 81. It's taking up space in my garage and it's got to go. You'll need two people with strong back's which I don't have and I won't be able to help you, it is heavy. You'll need a pickup or SUV with enough room to fit in the back, measure's 37W x 25H x 23D

First come first serve.


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